Stiegl Beer

Imagine you would travell to the city of Salzburg. Which beer would you drink?
The answer is quite simple. Your beer can only be a Stiegl.

Stiegl Beer is a symbol of Salzburg city, and well embedded in its history. The Stiegl brewery restaurant is located in the centre of Salzburg, directly next to the stairs up to the Fortress "Festung Hohensalzburg". That's where the name comes from. Stiegl means stairs in English.  Already in 1650 Stiegl became the biggest brewery in Salzburg, and it's quite possible that also Mozart enjoyed this beer around the year 1780.


Emily on the 21th December 2009: My Husband and I visited Vienna and Salzburg 2 years ago and I fell in love with Stiegl beer.  I am a "self proclaimed" beer connoisseur, and have had my fair share of many kinds.  I can honestly say Stiegl is my absolute favorite.  It has the most unique flavor and I simply love the taste!  Thanks for making it available to me and my home in Los Angeles.

Christopher say on the 3rd June 2011: I came across your site while searching for Stiegl.  I was first introduced to it at The Crooked Cue in my neighbourhood (Port Credit, Ontario, Canada) about two years ago.  Since then it has been my one and only beer (unless I am at a lesser establishment that doesn't serve Stiegl). I have had many "favourite beers" in the past, but this has been the longest that I have kept to one beer. Hopefully more places will start to serve it very soon.

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